Top 3 Services Your Recording Studio Should Offer

A recording studio may be enough on its own to generate significant revenue, but you can increase your gains by offering a few critical services. While these services may be second nature to you and your employees, musicians who don’t yet have these skills will pay top dollar to use your studio! Read on to discover the top three services your recording studio should offer.

Professional Equipment

If you’re running a music studio and don’t offer professional recording equipment, are you even running a music studio? This is just about the most straightforward service for you to perform, and this alone can run musicians over $100 an hour. All you need to do is help your clients set up the mikes, connect their instruments, and hit record.

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Workshops and Courses

You and your employees probably have a lot of excellent knowledge and advice to impart to the music community, from information on mixing to finding the perfect guitar sound in the studio. Your studio space gives you the platform to share this information and draw people in. This option is excellent if you have any larger rooms in your studio—you can teach several people at once!

Mixing and Mastering

These services often go hand in hand, but there are some key differences. Many musicians look for studios that offer recording and mixing under the same roof. This is a much easier process than recording in one location and then relocating for the mix. If you have professional audio engineers on your staff, they’re probably doing some mixing while they track anyway.

Since mastering is an essential service, musicians will really appreciate studios that offer it. Often, it is best if the mixing and mastering engineers are two different people, so you may want to hire a dedicated mastering employee.

Now that you know the top three services your recording studio should offer, build a space perfect for every musician, and they will come!