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Our production and music recording studios in Houston are designed to accommodate producers and artists.


Recording Studios Houston



With a vocal booth, quality professional equipment, sound attenuated rooms, and high-end security, our recording studios for rent in Houston provide producers and engineers with affordable, high-quality, and inspiring spaces to create your unique sound. 24/7 automated access makes it easy to book, and drop in and out as needed.

24/7 automated access makes it easy to book, and drop in and out as needed.


Premium equipment. Plug and play simplicity. Customizable lighting. Our recording studio spaces for rent in Houston are designed to help you create your unique sound.

  • Vocal Booth
  • Microphone – PD70 Dynamic Cardioid Broadcast
  • Interface – PreSonus STUDIO 24C
  • Monitors – (2) ErisE8XT
  • Headphones – HD9 PreSonus
  • Keyboard – Komplete Kontrol A61
  • Ergonomic Desk



Band Barracks has the best music recording studios in Houston.

Look out for and inquire about leaving with a full mix of your session, absolutely free

24/7 comprehensive security to provide peace of mind

Retail Space for convenience coming soon

Free fiber optic Wi-Fi for fast connection

Clean facilities for your comfort

Friendly and collaborative atmosphere for the community

Many room types for your creativity

Make a musical statement in our recording and Production studios

Refine your live set and sound at our Band Rehearsal studios and leave with a bounced down mix

Practice your drumming in our Drum Practice Studios

Write and record a hit song in our Writing Studios

Practice your live set in our DJ studios



“You know a place is special, when … business family treats you like family”

“Management keeps this place clean, safe, and professional. Plenty of parking. Plenty of security”

“They went all out with modeling these rooms for soundproofing”

“We will definitely use Band Barracks again and again”