We want Band Barracks to be a place for every artist to facilitate their growth, be it in the form of taking instrumental or audio engineering lessons, producing and engineering, using our rooms for practice, recording with your group or by yourself, upgrading or repairing an instrument, or networking with other musicians to find more opportunities and meet local talent. This is a place that can help you become a better artist no matter your skill level or what you need in order to grow.

Our mission. Provide high quality spaces for musicians at a rate that is attainable to the entire community. We believe strongly in the power of music to unite people and want to help spread this through our creative spaces.


The owners have been working musicians their whole lives, have rented and leased at a large number of lockouts over the United States and felt that they almost always lacked in management, quality, safety, and services. In addition to this, they could see that the industry itself needed to change from lockouts to modern facilities that take advantage of technology to make the process of creating music less expensive and more productive for the artist.

From that vision came the current and future iteration of Band Barracks. Where you can come and rent a production studio, rehearsal studio or DJ studio for a fraction of the cost to own your own and while there, live stream or walk away with a engineered mix included in your price.


Having a safe a secure facility is paramount at Band Barracks. Every effort is made to ensure that the people here are safe, as well as the items they bring to the property. There are multiple redundant layers of security that include a multitude of cameras both inside and outside the building, a secured gate that is only accessible to our community, programable keypads at all doors, and management/staff are present on the premises almost 24 hours per day.

The building itself is a veritable fortress, having been used as an AT&T facility and the headquarters for HISD police. It boasts some pretty impressive features including concrete floors and ceilings that are several feet thick, thick and impenetrable cinderblock exterior that lacks exposed entry points, and a large basement that will eventually be open to the community.


Being a part of this active and diverse working community gives you the opportunity to manifest untold possibilities. Often times when working in the arts, who you know can make a large difference in your trajectory. The people here are dedicated to growing and creating opportunities. They are investing in their crafts. They are networking and collaborating across all dividing genres and generations on a daily basis. This is a place where artistry reigns supreme and everyone is working to make the community stronger.


Band Barracks in conveniently located right off of the I-45 freeway near the University of Houston and the Gulfgate Mall. It is only a very short drive from almost anywhere in the city, with great freeway access. Yet, with the extremely high levels of security, the property has a secluded feel as soon as you enter the gates.