Equipment Every First-Time DJ Needs for Their Setup

A DJ’s journey begins with a setup. When you’re starting out, you don’t need to get fancy—just scrape together a few pieces of essential gear. We’ve made a list of the equipment every first-time DJ needs for their setup, so read on!

Input Devices

If you want to mix tunes together, you’ll need at least two input devices to do it! You can go for CDJ decks or turntables, depending on your preference. CDJ decks are more accessible, but you lose the classic scratch effect. Turntables are the traditional choice, but vinyl is heavy, and not everyone is made of money. Even CD’s are being phased out, as the latest Pioneer CDJ 3000 has not input for CD’s.


Without a mixer, you’re just an artist playing two songs at once. The mixer allows you to seamlessly transition from one recording to the next, adding catchy effects and tricks along the way.

You might feel inclined to buy a mixer with fewer channels when starting out, but consider making the investment and snagging one with more. If you grow your hobby into a career, you’ll probably need to buy one eventually, anyway.

Sound System

You need a sound system if you want to hear your mix like your audience will. While most venues will have a sound system of their own, your home won’t! Keep in mind to not frustrate your neighbors! If you need to get loud, be sure to check out our DJ Practice Studios.


High-quality headphones are crucial for precision, and the best DJs are nothing if not precise. Look for headphones that offer comfort and accurate sound production to get the best bang for your buck.


Many modern DJs don’t use vinyl or CDs at all, and that’s completely okay! A controller mimics the functions of a turntable and mixer and connects to your laptop, or works by simply plugging in a USB. A quality controller may cost a little more than a rudimentary turntable, but it’s also more versatile.

Whether you use a laptop or turntable, you’ll want somewhere to hone your skills before playing an event. We can hook you up with the perfect DJ practice studio.

Now that you know the equipment every first-time DJ needs for their setup, find your sound and blow the crowd away.