Garage Practices vs. Using a Studio: When To Make the Switch

While there are several ways to record your music, there’s nothing quite like stepping into a professional studio. From the experience to the quality sound you can achieve, a recording studio has it all. Read on to learn when to make the switch from garage practices to a studio.

Do You Want To Record?

While some music studios are available at reasonable rates, many cost a lot of money. If you and your friends simply get together and play music or make beats because it’s fun, no rule says you have to record your songs! That said, who doesn’t want to have the experience of recording in a studio at least once? The high-end studios at Band Barracks are perfect for anyone looking to record. From seasoned engineers and producers to newcomers, Band Barracks has you covered.

Do You Have the Right Gear?

Instruments and amps are one thing, but do you have the proper recording equipment? Some music studios offer all kinds of accessories, while others simply give you a soundproof room and leave the rest to you. If you’re going with the latter (a more affordable renting option, for certain), you’ll need a laptop, DAW software, and an interface that can handle a few XLR inputs.

If all that sounds too tough to come by, consider looking for a music studio for rent that includes some of the equipment with the rental price.

Are You Ready?

Finally, we come to the essential question. Even if you want to record and have the necessary equipment, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to go.

If you’re still workshopping songs or don’t have any music in your back pocket that everyone can nail every time you play, take a little more time to practice before renting a studio. Recording time is not practice time, and that’s something your wallet will thank you for remembering!

Now that you know when to make the switch from garage practices to using a studio, get your group together and talk about your future. If you’re ready for the next step, find a studio space and get recording!