Equipment That Needs To Be Present in Your Recording Studio

Creating your own music studio opens a world of possibilities, but it’s not an easy thing to do. Even though your studio may have a different purpose than another, there are a few essentials that will remain constant across all setups. Read on to learn the equipment that needs to be present in your recording studio.

Laptop or Desktop Computer

A computer is a must-have for any studio, as it drives recording, mixing, and mastering. To that end, you should also have a digital audio workstation (DAW) installed on the device.

There are dozens of options, including FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reaper 6, and PreSonus Studio One 5. Check out some YouTube videos to figure out which looks the most appealing to you—they all offer similar features, so it comes down to preference.

Microphones and Stands

Professional studios have different microphones for different instruments and even a variety for various voice types. If you’re starting from scratch, the Shure SM-58 is a great all-around option. Condenser microphones are perfect for recording vocals, and don’t forget a few stands to go with them!

Mixing Board

Some DAWs have built-in mixing boards that can render this piece of equipment unnecessary, but having a basic mixing board on hand is never a bad idea. Like the other equipment on this list, there is a wide range of mixing boards out there with vastly different quantities of inputs.

Purchase one that makes sense for you (if you need to record vocals, drums, and a guitar, you don’t need a mixing board with 20 inputs).

Sound Baffles

Finally, no studio is complete without sound neutralization. You want to capture the cleanest sound possible, so sound baffles are critical for limiting echo. You can purchase traditional sound baffles or even use carpets or other heavy fabrics to act as baffles on a budget.

If you just want to get into a recording space without all the prep work, Band Barracks has incredible recording studios in Houston, Texas available for rent.

Now that you know the equipment that needs to be present in your recording studio, start your journey to professional productions today!