A New Musical Community in Houston

A New Musical Community in Houston?

Houston, Texas, has always had a deep underground artistic community. But with no centralizing bar district and the most diverse population out of any city in the county, it can feel fragmented for those who strive to be a part of the musical and artistic communities in Houston. The now-owner of Band Barracks had a creative solution to some of these issues that plague musicians there; to create the best and largest rehearsal rooms that the city had to offer, and to let it be a place where musicians can network, perform, and  –  most important of all – practice.

How a Young Musician Set Out to Change the Music Scene in Houston through Rehearsal Studios.

Curran Guiney, the founder of Band Barracks, has been an active guitarist and songwriter for nearly his entire life and knows how hard it can be for musicians to gain a foothold and a working tempo. The active musical community seems to be under-serviced and undervalued – even down to the most basic levels. Having worked as a musician in many different locations around the United States, and having personally rented many rehearsal studios over the years, Curran observed an overall feeling that rehearsal spaces are neglected lock-outs that don’t prize security and are unpleasant to rent from. Curran believes that a rehearsal studio could be so much more, and so in 2016, he began the creation of Band Barracks.

Band Barracks strives to provide two things: The largest number of the highest quality practice studios in Houston, and an active internal community that can provide networking, content creation, opportunity generation, event hosting, and promotion. By taking advantage of a massive pool of musicians that rent in the same 30,000 sq. ft. building, and combining it with both private events hosting and working partnerships with outside agencies, Band Barracks hopes to spawn a hotbed for creativity that could potentially elevate the entire musical scene in the 4th most populous city in the country.

The Band Barracks Experience

Client security is the number one priority in these practice spaces. After gaining entry into the gated complex, parking in the massive monitored lot, and entering a monolithic brick bunker, the redundant layers of security are comforting as you make your way to your room. Once there one finds a thick, heavy door with a sturdy keypad on it. The interior has a clean industrial finish and the rooms are equipped with soundproofed walls, air conditioning, and additional foam sound absorption and bass traps. All activity outside the rooms are videoed and renters can know that their belonging is completely safe in these studios. Many musicians and DJs have much of their lives leveraged into their equipment and where they store those items must be the safest place for them.

Why Should I Become a Member of the Band Barracks Community and How?

After having opened doors for business only a week ago, there are already people leaving their rental situations around town and moving to Band Barracks. These people are going to be at the center of the bedrock for an entirely new musical and artistic outlet in Houston.

In addition to providing practice rooms that are extremely high quality, Band Barracks sits on over an acre of land and has an undeveloped basement that is 10,000 sq. ft. It is the hope of these rehearsal studios to use these available areas for venue space, mini-festival style events, in-house recording and production, talent placement, menial services such as minor gear replacement, and more.

It seems clear to everyone who has visited the property that Band Barracks is poised to greatly impact the musical scene in Houston in the upcoming years, and for anyone who wants to grow in the music industry having your own space in this practice, studios will represent opportunities that are both unique and invaluable. What musician wouldn’t want to rent at a one-stop-shop where musicians can accumulate everything they need to write, perform, publish, and ultimately, grow?

For those of you reading this article that is interested in learning more about this unique environment and what you can get out of it, visit www.bandbarracks.com and schedule a tour of the property. The owner will personally meet you and you can see first-hand how to become a part of the rising tides of musicians.

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