Top 3 Easiest Ways To Get Your Music Some Exposure

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing new musicians is getting their music out to as many people as possible. If you’re struggling to reach larger audiences, try these ways to get your music some exposure.

Perform As Many Gigs As You Can

As much as the music industry changes, the more it stays the same. The best way to get your music out to the world and build your audience is to perform live as often as possible in as many places as possible. Utilize every opportunity you come across to perform in front of an audience.

The strongest advocates for your music will always be those who have heard you play live and enjoyed it. They’re the ones who will spread the word about your art and introduce it to their friends.

It’s also great for honing your skills as a live performer. Just like you can refine your music in a DJ practice studio, you need to sharpen your live gig talents.

Collaborate With Other DJs and Musicians

It’s easy for up-and-coming artists to consider other DJs or musicians as competition. You might be vying for a similar audience or gigs, but thinking of other musicians as the competition takes away what can be a valuable resource for improving your music and exposing it to a broader audience.

When collaborating with other musicians, you can introduce your music to a new audience. The benefits of working with artists and garnering feedback from your peers can be invaluable. Ask many artists, and they’ll tell you some of their best work came from collaboration and advice from other musicians.

Utilize Social Media

The best tools for new and emerging musical artists are social media channels. Not only are they a free way to advertise your work and reach a large audience, but they also let you interact and see the type of audience your music is attracting.

Got a new song or mixtape coming out soon? Tease fans and generate interest with a Tik Tok video or Instagram Reel! And don’t be afraid to use your channels for more than just music—you can also post photos, videos, and even blogs.

Pro Tip: Be consistent with the names and tags of your social media channels so fans can find them easier!

Building an audience as a musician and gaining exposure for your music is one of the toughest challenges for new artists. Utilizing social media, collaborating with others, and gigging as much as possible are all excellent ways to get your music some exposure. When you’re ready to start recording, contact the pros at Band Barracks!