5 Ways To Prepare for Your First Studio Session

Are you about to enter a recording studio for the first time? It can be nerve-wracking for beginners, but we can help! Our guide breaks down five tips for preparing for your first studio session!

Make Sure Your Gear Is Ready To Go!

It’s always a good idea to have your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software updated and that you have downloaded all necessary drivers for the interface and MIDI keyboard before your session. These links can be found in your booking email.

It is also a good idea to ensure the interface is showing up in your sound preferences in your DAW and your laptop/computer. It can save you time in the studio if it is your first time. If you need assistance, we offer engineering services to get you going!

Whip Up a Demo

No matter how rough, a quick demo session is an excellent way to prepare for your first studio session. For one, it gives you a chance to hear your songs and music before going into the studio to get a general idea of how it sounds.

If you’re working with a producer, get a demo tape of your work to them, so they know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

Pro Tip: Ensure that your demo tapes are compatible with the hardware and software of the recording studio—otherwise, it’s worthless to the producer.

Know Your Parts

It may seem like a no-brainer, but often an artist goes into a recording studio for the first time and thinks they can rehearse and learn their parts on the fly. Not only is this annoying for the producer and other artists, but it’s also a waste of money and time. Know your parts backward and forwards before you even book your session.

Come In With a Plan

Whether you’re recording alone or with others, you must go into the session with a plan of what you want to do. Some of the best art and music come from improvisation—but you can’t bank on inspiration striking you when the time is right.

Develop a plan of what you want to work on and how long you want to work on it. If you’re working with other artists, make sure they agree and understand the schedule for the session.

Get Some Rest

Going into a recording session for the first time can be exhilarating, but you won’t do yourself any favors thinking and worrying about it the night before. You need your mind and body to go into the session refreshed.

Take care of everything before and stay disciplined with your sleep schedule, so your best self walks into that recording studio.

We hope our tips help you in your first session! If you’re looking for affordable recording studios in Houston, Texas, consider Band Barracks!