What Musicians Can Do To Beat Creative Block

Every great artist experiences periods of their life in which nothing seems to come. Sometimes, the music flows out of you faster than you can write it, and other times, you feel like you’ll never jot down another note. While it may feel as though all is lost, don’t worry. We can help with these tips for what musicians can do to beat creative block. Whether you’re stuck on a sour note or missing the right words for your lyrics, these tips should help any creative mind, from beginner to pro.

Step Away

First, try taking a break from your work. Even if there’s an upcoming deadline, get up and take a walk or enjoy one of your other favorite hobbies. There are many ways to get inspired: exercise at the gym, listen to music by artists you look up to, or crack open the book you’ve been reading. Everyone can benefit from a breath of fresh air.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t take this time to think about your project! Enjoy your time away from your work and, when you’re ready, return to your studio refreshed and ready to try something new. Think of creative blockage as less of a “wall” and more as a type of surface tension between you and your more creative side; sometimes the gentle approach gets you farther than forcing a creative breakthrough. Walking away gives us time to be inspired in unexpected ways, so don’t look at this as lost time, but necessary rest.

Set Time Limits

It’s always better to try something than to keep everything in your head. Force yourself to get something on the page or in the DAW by setting small goals in the form of time limits. For example, you might try saying, “create a bassline in the next 10 minutes.”

No matter how terrible that bassline is, you’ll have something to show for your work. Then, you can spend time analyzing why that bassline didn’t work, and you might come up with some great ideas for how to make a better one.

Change Up Your Space

Never underestimate the importance of a creative workspace. Your current setup may come with a bunch of distractions, or it might even contain too many memories of past successes that hold you back. Whatever the case, try working somewhere else to see if inspiration strikes. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a music recording studio for rent; we’ve got you covered. 

Now that you understand what musicians can do to beat creative block, get out of your head and put some notes on the page—they might be better than you expect.